Spicywiener's Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 1: The Old Fishery
23 Pharast 4708

After assaulting the Old Fishery at Westpier 17 and apparently tying up a few loose ends, several more pieces of the puzzle disappeared into the darkness with tales of terror and murder that was visited upon the cruel lieutenants to Gaedren Lamm.  Even while two of their party lie stable but unconscious on the slick Fishery floor, the remaining three rifled through the building looking for clues.

Yargin’s Office

“A wooden desk sits in one corner of this room, its side preventing the western door from opening all the way.  The table is heaped with dozens of slate boards covered in chalk scrawls, while to the east a cabinet slouches against the wall.”

Examining the slate boards on the desk reveals documentation regarding the sale of ‘dock dumplings.’  Customers, addresses, and many other accounting notes are scribbled on them all.  Similar documents recorded on scrolls fill the cabinet on the east wall, scribed on what appears to be a monthly basis.

Front Room                                                                                                                                                      

“A single desk sits in the middle of this room, with a moldy chair pushed up against it.  A small pile of ratty furs and straw is heaped under the desk.”

Moving through the 10-foot hallway and over the body of Giggles, the half-orc warpriest’s brother, leads toward the front of the building.  Apparently this room wasn’t used for day-to-day transactions due to the disrepair the room is in, but more so a glorified dog kennel.  The front door is locked from the inside.  Nothing of value is found in this room.


“A pair of bunk beds sit against the far wall of this room on either side of a boarded-over window.”

It looks as if this may be the sleeping quarters of Gaedren’s lieutenants.  Searching through the beds (one does not appear to be used), reveals nothing of value.

Upper Workroom

“The stink in this room, a mixture of fish and sweat, is enough to make the eyes water.  To the east, a large wooden trough holds a hideous mound of half-rancid fish, seaweed, and brine.  Filthy river water and fish blood stain the floor around this trough.  A pair of wooden chutes lead from this trough through holes in the eastern wall into a larger room beyond.  To the west, a desk and chair sit in one corner while a tall cabinet sits in the other.”

Searching the cabinet, you find it is locked, but with the halfling’s apparent knack for such things, doesn’t pose too much of a problem.  Inside the cabinet are six small pouches.  Four of the pouches contain roughly 50 cp each, while the last two contain about 50 sp each.  The desk has a few pieces of slate on it with more information regarding the transactions of dock dumplings.

Fishery Floor

“The floor here is slick with river water, bits of seaweed, and fish blood, and the air is thick with the accompanying scents.  Wooden catwalks to the north and south allow access between  the western part of the fishery and the floor of the room, which is ten feet lower.  A wide opening in the floor to the south allows direct access to the sloppy, muddy water of the Jeggare River a further three feet down, while to the northwest stands an immense eight-foot-tall wooden vat, its sides caked and waterproofed with tar.  Inside is a foul-looking mixture of chum, river water, and who knows what else.  To the east are stacked many barrels and crates, each with a fish painted on it.  Over two dozen small hammocks hang from under the catwalks, each with its own ratty blanket and pillow.”

 Searching this room reveals very little.  The barrels and crates marked with a painted red fish contain dock dumplings, while most of the hammocks yield only lice.  Occasionally next to a hammock you’ll see some sort of sweet tucked into a cranny of the wall with only a few small bites taken out of them.  It’s evident that several of these treats are days, if not weeks old.

Kraken’s Folly

“The rotten deck of this ancient sailing ship seems to be barely intact; its hull is worn and thick with seaweed and barnacles.  The ship is held together primarily by the layers of old rope that lash it securely to the pilings that support the fishery and the nearby boardwalk.  The rickety walkway leads along the ship’s starboard, a foot below its railing.  A single wooden door leading into the aft cabin bears a crude painting of a red fish on its surface.”

Spider’s Nest

“The air in this room is thick and musty.  Thick sheets of cobwebs hang from the walls and mounds of blankets, cushions, and straw clutter the floor.  To the south, a narrow flight of stairs leads down into the ship’s hold.”

Kraken’s Folly Hold

“Dark and dank, the ship’s hold smells of mildew.  Several barrels, crates, and other containers lie stacked here and there.  Dust and grime cover the floor, except where river water has collected in puddles.”

Session 0: The Harrowing

22 Pharast 4708

The day began like any other in recent memory.  Cold.  Damp.  Hungry.  With certainty these three friends would be accompanying him throughout the morning.  Him.  I can't even remember my name anymore.  The only tie to his former life as a slave was the intricate scar that he traces a finger over running from his right ear to the corner of his jaw.

Stretching the stiffness out of his muscles, he packs up his small cache of belongings, mostly trash and keepsakes collected over the years and tucked most of it back into a hidden nook under the loose canvas that serves as his shelter.  Climbing down to a narrow alleyway and making his way to one of the many market squares in Korvosa, he waited.  The market slowly rolled to a start just shy of mid-morning, as the recent retreat of winter's chill still leaves its mark upon the citizenry.

Finding a mark was easy.  Fools are soon parted with their gold, and as one patron haggles over the price of dried fruit, he is relieved of his gold with a quick slice of a finger dagger. 

Pocketing the gold and losing himself in the crowd, he felt something strange in one of his inner pouches.  Reaching down, he pulls out a card.  Where did this come from?  I never stole one of these.  A well-dressed rabbit wielding a broken sword graces the face of the card, appropriately named The Rabbit Prince.  Flipping the card over as he made his way to a nearby alley, he read the message scrawled on the reverse over and over again in his head:

"I know what Gaedren has done to you.  He has wronged me as well.  I know where he dwells, yet cannot strike at him.  Come to my home at 3 Lancet Street at sunset.  Others like you will be there.  Gaedren must face his fate, and justice must be done."

Pocketing the card and catching his breath, he sat down to figure out his next move.  By now, many of the other regular street urchins and sneak thieves had begun preying on this square.  Conversing casually with a handful of other 'fishermen,' he took his leave from Jeggare Circle and headed across North Bridge and south into Thief Camp, heading back into East Shore by way of Dwarfwalk Road.  Scouting out a lead given to him by one of the other 'fishermen' about Endrin Square being a hot spot this morning, he spent the rest of the day pondering the meaning of this mysterious note and half-heartedly making marks in the square.


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